Our Work

Provision of free education, feeding, clothing, and general care for orphans and vulnerable children.

Orphans and vulnerable children form a large part of our society, and most times they are ignored and left to themselves to go through life trying to survive.  These children more often than not end up becoming criminals, prostitutes, kidnappers, etc.  This happens naturally as a result of a lack of basic education and training in any productive skill.   The general outcome of this is a less safe and productive society.  

 It is worthy of note that most of these children are well gifted, intelligent and endowed with great talents but all these can waste away if no one picks them up, nurture and help them develop these qualities.

We are currently sponsoring 30 orphans and vulnerable children across various educational institutions, ranging from primary to tertiary institutions.

Provision of Christmas Clothes Annually for the children at Vigilant Heart Charitable Society Orphanage for over five years, (more than 56 children) in number, and still counting.

Monthly Feeding/Upkeep Allowance to the following;

  • Vigilant Heart Charitable Society Orphanage Lagos, Nigeria
  • Christ Royal Treasured Orphanage Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria.
  • Two widows with 4 and 2 children respectively
  • Monthly palliatives support to other families as a stop-gap measure.

Care For the Old and helpless people in the society

A close and careful look around our environments reveals this very special group of persons who need our care and helping hand to go through their remaining days on earth with a smile and a fulfilled heart.  These are the very old and helpless people around us. They are too old, weak, and sick to work, and have no one responsible for their upkeep.  Their everyday survival depends on charity and the goodwill of those around them who care to lend a helping hand.

Outreach to (46) abandoned Old people in Ikota Community in Lagos on 15th March 2018.  Food packs containing various food items and groceries were distributed.

Care and upkeep for an abandoned old man in Ikota community.  Prior to our locating him in July 2020, he was abandoned, sick, and without any help. 

He was living in a very poor dilapidated building and wished to be relocated to his hometown in Akwa Ibom state.  We were able to help him with his upkeep and relocate him to his hometown in November 2020.  He still counts on our support to date.

Outreach to Old Peoples Home Yaba Lagos on 22nd April 2019.  Packs of Various groceries were donated.

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